Would you like the security of Knowing that you are going to get paid this month?

When you first get started online, you might be worried. Frankly, you probably should be worried. Yes, you made sales this month. But will you make sales NEXT month? And how will you pay the bills if you don’t get paid?

It can be scary going from a job where you know exactly how much you’ll get paid and when you’ll get paid, to working your own business online.

In your business you might have a high earning month and then a couple of months of nothing, followed by a mediocre month followed by (hopefully) another good month.
So How do you get stability in your business and your income -as quickly as possible?”
and KNOW for a FACT that next month you can make the mortgage and eat, too.

How do you achieve a regular income that pays the bills and gives your Business some stability? The answer is, of course, continuity programs. Also known as memberships, recurring payments, monthlies, etc.
Once you have people signed up to a Continuity Program you can continue to get paid month after month.

There are a few decisions you need to make. Do you promote other people’s programs? ( Affiliate) Or do you Create and operate your own Program? There are advantages and disadvantages to both The problem, of course, is that in exchange for less responsibility, you also have less control and more competition.
We explore this in the Video.

Promoting affiliate memberships is a give and take. Less responsibility, no control and lots of competition.
And this is why you might want to start your own membership. Look around and see what people in your niche desperately want and need, and then fill that want with your site.

Once you’ve got your membership site up and running, it’s time to get busy promoting it.
Find out what your best sources of traffic are, and then put all of your effort into just those methods.

Get your conversions up and your costs down and now you have a viable way of getting a continuous influx of new members into your site.
Want even more members? Show affiliates how well your offer is converting, and you can get them to promote your membership site, too.
There are plenty of affiliates out there who want that continuous, month to month income that a good membership site provides. All you have to do is show them that your funnel is converting and members are sticking.
Naturally, there are a lot more details than this to starting a membership site. But hopefully this gets you thinking in that direction.

Create a membership empire to secure your finances, and you will get paid every month.
Security first, right?

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