Action creates change. Action produces results.

Edmund Burke was an Anglo-Irish author, political theorist and philosopher, he was born in Dublin Ireland in the 1700s. He’s mainly remembered for his support of the American colonies, that ultimately led to the American Revolution. He believed that the way to combat troubles, big or small was to take action.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke.

But this is not a story about Edmund Burke, this is about lack of action.

In our lives, in our businesses we must always be moving… mainly forwards, but sometimes we must go to the left or the right, sometimes the way forward is even to take a few steps back. But regardless of the direction, we always need to be in motion, that is where our future lies.

Strangely though, with each of those directions comes fear; the fear of change, the fear of failure, fear of the unknown, and a lot of the time that fear keeps us in place, trying not to move or rock the boat and tip us into the unfamiliar.

In our businesses, how often do you stick with that same product or sales methodology long after it has run its course or stopped working? We keep going back to what we know, rather than try something new. We find comfort in the familiar long past the time when it has ceased to be productive for us or even useful.

Staying static is not however the path to the future, as I’ve already said, the future is always in motion, therefore logically we must move with it, or we’ll get left behind. Each movement (while scary) allows us to embrace the new future as it stands that moment. Much like the ocean moves in waves, so does the future, in our lives and businesses we must learn to move with those waves, roll with them, to embrace the new horizon they push us towards.

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