Is it Work?

Do you work hard at your Business?

It’s not easy running your own business. Even if it is a simple one-person project that you would not even consider to be a business.

In fact! It is definitely hard work when you are on your own. You have to do it all. OK you can outsource some things but that costs money, this puts you under pressure to keep earning even when you could really do with a bit of a break.

Sometimes you think it would be better to give up and go get a Job.

So, what keeps you motivated?

Some people are motivated by Money, a good enough reason, but sadly, these people are most likely to give up when things get tough.

They abandon their current project to go and try another money-making opportunity.

Then there are those who simply want a change of lifestyle. They may be doing a repetitive job and are bored or, feel unfulfilled in their work and want something with more satisfaction. Or really dislike their Boss, or not happy with the ethics of the company they work for. Whatever their reason and there as many reasons as there are individuals. They are motivated to keep going a bit longer because it’s still better than what they were doing before.

The next group are those who are “Driven” They want to change the world, they want a better life for their family, they want to help those worse off than themselves. Some are convinced that the Product or Service they are offering is better than anything else on the market and that the world deserves to benefit from it. They are Crusaders, they have a mission and a cause. They are not going to give up under any circumstance unless they are forced to. They have very strong motivation. They also are unlikely to become very successful unless they have tapped into a national or international obsession or problem. Even then, their success is likely to be short lived.

Which brings us to the group that has the strongest motivation, the strongest resilience in the face of problems and the best chance of long-term success. These are the people for whom their business or project is nor work at all. It is a pleasure and a source of constant enjoyment. They can ride out the tough times because most of the time they are happy with what they are doing.

Who are these fortunate people whose work is actually a pleasure?

They are the ones who have taken a Passion, a Skill, a Hobby, or a genuine deep interest in something and developed it into a business. If you have enjoyed a pastime for several years, it remains a pleasurable activity enhanced by the fact that you can now do it all the time instead of in your spare time and are now earning money doing it.

It doesn’t seem like work at all.



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