Is it Work

Is it Work?

Do you work hard at your Business?

It’s not easy running your own business. Even if it is a simple one-person project that you would not even consider to be a business.

In fact! It is definitely hard work when you are on your own. You have to do it all. OK you can outsource some things but that costs money, this puts you under pressure to keep earning even when you could really do with a bit of a break.

Sometimes you think it would be better to give up and go get a Job.

So, what keeps you motivated?


Action Takers Succeed! What are you afraid of?

Action creates change. Action produces results.

Edmund Burke was an Anglo-Irish author, political theorist and philosopher, he was born in Dublin Ireland in the 1700s. He’s mainly remembered for his support of the American colonies, that ultimately led to the American Revolution. He believed that the way to combat troubles, big or small was to take action.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke. (more…)

Goals. Do You Really Need Them?

Goals. Do You Really Need Them?

Do you really think that you don’t need Goals?

Just imagine; you decide that are going to take a day off from work and treat yourself to a day out. You go to the Railway Station and say to the Clerk “I would like a Ticket please”. “Certainly, where do you want to go?” “Oh I don’t know, just somewhere nice.” You say. So, where do you think you will end up? Most likely in a strange place, lost and confused. In all aspects of life, both business and personal, we benefit from having well defined Goals.


A man sets out on a journey of a lifetime. The problem is, he doesn’t know where he wants to go. So he spends the next 40 years wandering the back roads, never really going anywhere. Another man chooses his destination. It’s a promised land, far, far away. The dangers he faces along the route are great and the challenges seem almost insurmountable. Yet because he knows where he wants to go, he is able to find his way, overcome the challenges and eventually reach his destination, where he retires in 10 years’ time.

One man didn’t know where he was going, and so he wandered for 40 years and achieved nothing. The other man knew exactly where he wanted to go, and because of his belief and determination, he was able to overcome every obstacle and reach his destination in 10 years.

Which person are you?

Once you begin your journey, take time every single day to revisit your goal.

Advanced Tip: Measure what you treasure.

Whatever your goals might be, take daily measurements of how you’re doing. For example, if your goal is to reach a certain income level, you’ll want to track your profits daily. If your goals are to exercise and eat right, you’ll want to keep a journal of everything you eat and every exercise you perform.

Whatever your goals might be, measure what you treasure and you will get more of what it is that you want.

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