Do You See What I See?

Do You See What I See?

Things are not always the way you perceive them to be. So, in answer to the question. Do you see what I see? The answer is, probably not.

We are all influenced by our opinions, beliefs, personalities, and past experience. Inevitably this affects the way we interpret the world around us and our interactions with other people. What I see as an opportunity others may see as a threat. What I see as an insult others may see as a joke. In the normal course of everyday life this may be of little consequence but, if you are running a business, it can mean the difference between success and failure.


Is it Work

Is it Work?

Do you work hard at your Business?

It’s not easy running your own business. Even if it is a simple one-person project that you would not even consider to be a business.

In fact! It is definitely hard work when you are on your own. You have to do it all. OK you can outsource some things but that costs money, this puts you under pressure to keep earning even when you could really do with a bit of a break.

Sometimes you think it would be better to give up and go get a Job.

So, what keeps you motivated?


Tony’s Tips 2

Welcome to Tony’s Tips 2

Which Social Media Site Still Gives You a Ton of Organic Reach?

When a social media site is new, it’s looking to build up users and traffic. To do this, it’s willing to give marketers a ton of organic reach for free. Then one day the social media site’s owners decide the site has grown sufficiently big with members and traffic and they change how things work. Now marketers are forced to pay to play.

This is the point where you either spend more on ads or your content will be buried where no one will ever see it again. (more…)

Tony’s Tips 1

Welcome to Tony’s Tips No.1

How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 7 Steps.

If you don’t already have a Facebook Page, your business is missing out on a powerful way to connect with current customers and reach new ones, too. (more…)

Action Takers Succeed! What are you afraid of?

Action creates change. Action produces results.

Edmund Burke was an Anglo-Irish author, political theorist and philosopher, he was born in Dublin Ireland in the 1700s. He’s mainly remembered for his support of the American colonies, that ultimately led to the American Revolution. He believed that the way to combat troubles, big or small was to take action.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke. (more…)